The Interstellar Probes website was created to help keep track of the progress made by past, current and future space probes, sent on their journey of exploration beyond the solar system. Here you can find updates on Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11, about Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 as well as the New Horizons project and space probes of the future.

interstellar probe distance map

Join us to monitor Earth’s emerging robotic probe technology, watch the latest videos and explore the possibilities of robotic probes of extraterrestrial origin.

For Earth-based exploratory probes, its rich history is presented with an emphasis on the technologies needed to explore deep space. For extraterrestrial robotic probes, the documented theories surrounding their design and function are presented as well as a treatment of the search for extraterrestrial automated probes in the solar system or near earth.

Space Exploration of the Future

Interstellar probes are a fascinating subject of study in today’s world of emerging technologies. It has two major branches; one involves transporting robotic research probes on journeys of galactic discovery, the other involves detecting any forms of intelligent beings or machines out there, far beyond our solar system.

The website was first inspired by a proposed project and a presentation on detecting extraterrestrial probes, we enjoyed many moons ago and has been further developed to better inform visitors or recent space probe events. Our current team consists of former NASA employees, university staff and a range of contributing writers and journalists, To publish your article or to add a link to your project, video or space related website, get in touch with our team.  – Max, Interstellar Probes