New Horizons Team Video – Revealing New Findings on Pluto

In this New Horizons team video, new surprising imagery and science results from the recent flyby of Pluto, by the New Horizons spacecraft, were revealed during a July 24 update at NASA headquarters. These included an image from the Long Range Reconnaissance Imager or (LORRI) – looking back at Pluto – hours after the historic flyby that shows haze in the planet’s sunlit atmosphere.

LORRI images also show evidence that exotic ices have flowed – and may still be flowing across Pluto’s surface, similar to glacial movement on Earth. This unpredicted sign of present-day geologic activity was detected in Sputnik Planum. And, new compositional data from New Horizons’ Ralph instrument indicate that the center of Sputnik Planum is rich in nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and methane ices.