Voyager 1 – Space Probe Overview

Voyager 1

It was first named Mariner 11 but later renamed Mariner Jupiter-Saturn probes after the program was scaled back to reduce on costs. As the program continued to develop it was further renamed Voyager. Its composition is much the same as the Voyager 2.


The rocket has scientific instruments for the study of celestial objects and its radio system has been developed to be able to transmit beyond the solar system.


The Voyager 1 approached Jupiter on March 5th, 1979, and sent photographs which showed the moons, rings, magnetic fields, and the radiation belt.

Voyager 1 ran into Saturn in November 12th, 1980, where its camera sent pictures of the planet’s cloud-tops unearthing intricate structures in the rings of Saturn.

Future Mission

Voyager 1 is expected in about 300 years to reach the Oort cloud. It is expected also to head towards the star Gliese 445, which is coming towards the solar system.